Sunday, October 23, 2011


We went to Eckert's fun farm yesterday since it was so beautiful outside.

The giant slide that started at the top of the hill and went underground. Casey and I both went down with Brennan-we were the biggest kids and did pretty much everything!

We went through a corn maze...and didn't have to call 911;)

This was "Spin the Apple"

The calm before the storm...

Then daddy spun us out of control!

We did this one twice because it was so much fun:)

Brennan said before we even left home that he wanted to ride a pony. Well, when we got there he had a choice between a camel or a pony and he picked the camel.

I was glad he did because he has never ridden one before.

Who says parents can't have a little fun, too?!:)

Actually, I think this is the only ride that Casey or I didn't ride with Brennan on:)

We stumbled upon the pig races so we stayed to watch.

Brennan insisted on going down to the lake, it was a pretty view.

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