Friday, October 28, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

We took a spur of the moment, very fun filled trip to the zoo today:)

We (or I) had planned to stay home today since it seems like we're always running around somewhere. I had been wanting to go to the zoo one more time before it got really cold, but I didn't think it was going to happen. This morning the sun was too bright to resist so I packed layers just in case and we headed out. It was perfect! We weren't on any time restraints, Brennan was in such a good mood-it was a really nice trip.

They had their spooky Halloween decor out;)

They had a little station set up near the bears with real bear fur and this bear paw with nails you could try on-Raarrrr!:)

We saw some of our usual stuff and some new stuff that we don't usually see. We usually don't get to the big cats or the bird house or the herpitarium, but we visited new territory and Brennan was so excited! He said his favorite part of the zoo is the snakes and this is the first time we've seen them. Although since he has a great love for animals, usually he has a new favorite every time we go;)

Today was also sort of a new experience for us because we actually took the time to read about the animals. Usually we sort of rush through everything and I'm not sure Brennan would have been as interested as he is now anyway. Brennan loves books and he really enjoyed me reading to him about the different animals. We have been reading about endangered and extinct animals at home so it was nice to point out to him the animals in real life that are endangered.


We also saw the butterflies (my favorite!) These 2 beautiful butterflies were flittering around us together. They reminded me of Reese and Scotlyn♥

Brennan is the most fun little boy to spend my days with and I am so lucky to have him and to have the time to spend days like this with him:)

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  1. Aw great pictures! I am glad it was a great day!