Monday, October 3, 2011


Brennan is enjoying soccer, as you can see:) I haven't gotten a whole lot of pictures because I'm not really supposed to be there. If you remember my first soccer post when Brennan cried because he wanted to be with me. Well, this is really ridiculous (but it works) I can go, but I have to stay under cover:) I pretty much stand with Casey because Brennan doesn't pay attention to the crowd, but when he comes to get a drink I take cover until he is back on the field. We just didn't want to risk another unproductive practice so thought this was the best way;)

They always do drills for the first part and he really enjoys those, I think it's his favorite part. The coach has them do all sorts of things, here they were running when the coach held up the green flag and stopping on the red flag and Brennan just thinks it's the most fun thing!

At the end they play little scrimmage games, no scores. It's pretty comical to watch them play. Especially when you tell 4 year olds they can't touch the ball with their hands:)

Brennan really just runs up and down the field with the other kids and if the ball happens to come his way then he'll kick it around a bit. Otherwise he is happy just running around:)

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