Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brennan loves animals, I'm sure I've mentioned that before. Well, he loves to read books with facts about animals and one of his favorites are about dolphins.

Every time we read this one dolphin book and get to this page he stops me and points to the two big dolphins to the left and says "Those are you and daddy, this one is me (the one behind them) and these two (to the right) are Reese and Scotlyn." I love that he still thinks of Reese and Scotlyn as part of our family even though they are not here on earth. He is constantly telling me things like "Mommy, I think Reese and Scotlyn are playing games together in heaven." Or "I wish Reese and Scotlyn were here for me to play with, I miss them."

He has recently started talking more about when they were in the hospital and when they were in "their little beds", even details about the beeping sounds of the NICU. He remembers visiting me and snuggling and watching shows. Sometimes I can't believe some of the detail he can recall after the time that has passed and how little he was. More than anything, I am so glad he remembers his sisters. They are a very special part of our family and I never want him to forget that.

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