Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

I don't really buy [pun intended] into Valentine's Day. I mean, when Casey and I were dating we made a big deal about Valentine's Day, but I guess now that we're married I feel like we have our anniversary as our day to celebrate us and I just feel like it's really overrated. Of course we make it fun for Brennan though:)

His school party was yesterday and he made Casey and I a card and picture frame-so sweet!!

Casey's mom watches Brennan every other Monday when I work nights on the weekend so she came to the party today too:) I didn't get a good picture, but they had a chocolate fountain again this year-yum!

Look at these awesome suckers one of his teachers made! It says "You are a super student!" So cute and creative!

He got lots of other fun goodies from his classmates-here he modeling a couple of things:)

My friend, Kate, had these little Valentine's sacks made for our kids a couple of years ago. They are sooooo adorable!! We put it up every year and this year I put Brennan's Valentine's present in there:)

This year we got Brennan a solar system book, since his recent unit at school was space. I also got him some flashcards about space and presidents (kind of random, but I want him to learn about all different kinds of things) and I have just started some very basic addition and subtraction with him and thought some flashcards might familiarize him a little more with numbers and putting them together-and who to make addition and subtraction more fun than spider man?! I didn't take a picture, but Brennan also got some spider man swim trunks. I decided not get him any candy this year. Don't worry, he has gotten plenty from school and family!

I also got this adorable little strawberry grow kit. Brennan wants a garden this year (and so do I!) so I thought this would be a fun start. I decided to go 'no candy' for the kids at school too so we got these little miniature pots with flowers for the girls and the boys got kites:)

After he opened his gift this morning, he gave me a big hug and said "Thank you SO much mommy!"

I decided to reminisce on last years Valentine's Day. Looking at that post made me so glad that I blog and makes me wish I blogged more! So I am going to make it my goal to blog more often, even if it isn't the most interesting thing (sorry in advance). There are so many little details that I forget, especially now that my mind is so consumed by everything I have been through over the last year and a half. I know that I would never regret having all of these little moments with Brennan documented.

Today we're going to a Children's Museum. I have been wanting to do for a while and today we have a free day so we're going! I'm sure I will post pictures later:)

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