Monday, February 6, 2012

Planets and rockets and space, oh my!

I don't talk nearly enough on here about how amazing Brennan's preschool is. This is his second year and he has learned soooo much through this program. They do so much fun, educational stuff with them. They just finished a Space Unit. They talked about planets and did lots of fun crafts involving space.

Here he is modeling his alien mask...

and acting like an alien-however it is that they act:)

His teacher even had a Mad Science professor come out for a presentation.

They got to see a rocket blast off...

Going to get the rocket, they got to keep it for their classroom.

During the mad science presentation, all of the kids got to wear goggles, space boots (sponges), and use a claw like real astronauts to pick up rocks!

Here are Brennan's planets around the sun, hanging in his playroom.

Brennan was telling me about planets in the car one day-about the giant gas planets and jumping jupiter and he said "Mom, I know more about planets than you do." And honestly, he probably does!

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  1. Aiden LOVED space week too! No matter how hard I try, Aiden usually doesn't talk to me much about school...but this week was different! Pickled Peppers Rules!!