Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bracelets and Necklaces

These are the bracelets and necklaces I have been SO excited to share with everyone. There is a foundation called Network Against Malaria. They raise funds for insecticide treated mosquito nets in Uganda to help prevent malaria. The striped beads are made by Ugandan women and sent to the foundation here in the United States where the necklaces and bracelets are beaded. Then the profits go to Uganda for the mosquito nets. They recently sent $6,000 for nets which saved almost 2,000 lives!

We are selling them to also help raise money for the Promise Walk. The bracelets are $10 and the necklaces are $15. ALL profits are a donation to Network Against Malaria and the Promise Walk-both non-profit organizations. Each necklace and bracelet is unique. The pictures shown are just a few that I have. Let me know if you're interested in buying one and if there is a certain color you want and I can send some pictures of what I have. If you live near me and would like to see them, you can contact me at I am thrilled to be able to offer this one of a kind jewelry to help raise money for 2 organizations!

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  1. Those bracelets are so pretty. I hope all is well with you and your family. Your little guys is getting so big.

    I stopped in to say TAG YOUR IT! I was tagged with 11 questions and I am tagging you the answers and 11 different questions. I can't wait to see your answers. Check out my page for all the details: