Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A New Journey!

So my last post about Brennan I said I cannot imagine my days without him, I literally cannot imagine him being gone every day, all day. Brennan is in his second year of preschool-which means next year is kindergarten! I had contemplated holding him back a year because he has a summer birthday, he is a boy, and he was a preemie. The only thing he was really behind in was his physical strength and abilities. I say was because he was tested last May and I think he has come a long way since then. So I was back and forth about holding him back because physical abilities are big for boys and sports and confidence, but I really think cognitively he is ready. At his school they go through a letter a week and every week they were getting farther and farther into the alphabet and I'm fretting about my decision to hold him back or not as the year is coming closer to an end and then I started thinking about all of that time he would be away from me next year and it didn't make me happy. I felt very anxious and it just didn't feel right. I know everyone has a hard time sending their children to school, but I wondered if there was a way we could have both. I started researching different things and talking to people and did more contemplating and decided I'm going to home school Brennan next year! Once I started researching (and I still have a lot more to do) I kept finding more good reasons to do it. Many, many good reasons. I know that people are going to think I'm crazy (believe me, I have seen it in person when I mention it), but that's ok! I am soooo excited that this is happening and I feel sooo fortunate that I am able to do it. I would be a complete liar if I said I wasn't nervous. I mean my child's future and education is in my hands, it's damn scary. But I feel like I have a phenomenal amount of resources and a strong desire to do everything I can to make this a positive experience for Brennan-and I don't feel near as nervous as I did thinking about sending him to school.

I still don't have Casey convinced that this is the best thing, but he isn't disputing me anymore so I'm taking that as a yes or at least not a no:) I am not saying this is forever, but we will see how it goes! I appreciate everyone's support!

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  1. Aww, you will get through it (: keep your head up high!