Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July week

And it was a fun and busy week! We went to my grandparent's clubhouse, aka Happy Landing. I wish I would have taken a picture of the clubhouse, but it was built in the 1800's. So when I was young we used an outhouse, yeah it's that old. My grandpa eventually built a bathroom onto it. It has a teeny kitchen, large (compared to the rest of the house) living area, one bedroom and a bathroom. You should see how many people we fit in there:) My grandparents used to travel from the city for weekend trips, but now they have their home on the property because they love it in the country so much.

Anyway, our whole family comes in from Mississippi and Texas every 4th of July. We talk, celebrate the holiday, walk down to the river. 

They have made mudslides in the past and made another one this year.

The river was very low since it's been so dry, but the kids still had a lot of fun getting wet.

The smallest frogs I have ever seen!

The younger kids playing cars and building "houses" out of playing cards. This is the living room in the clubhouse.

Everyone brought shirts to tie dye red white and blue:) My cousin, Kristin, started this 2 years ago and I think it may be a tradition!

Here is (almost) everyone in their tie dye. I was putting Brennan to bed so I think we may be the only ones missing.

Hanging in the hammock is a favorite past time:)

My mom brought glow sticks for everyone.

Then, Thursday we went ziplining! This a new adventure for our family. We usually do a day float trip, but this year we went zip lining and it was a lot of fun!

This is the first crew. We had 19 people total go! 

Ready in my gear:)

Me with Brennan and my cousin Maggie.

Then, Friday we traveled back to my mom's and swam for a bit and went to the Cardinals Game Friday night. They had a firetruck outside the stadium spraying water since it was so HOT.

We had a beautiful view of the arch

and the fireworks:) I had to edit the crap out of this picture so it's not good quality, but I love Brennan's face.


We went to visit Fred Bird:)

My brother and his girlfriend:)

Saturday we had a pool party at my mom's house. Everyone had a great time swimming!

All of the cousins, except one that couldn't make it and two that left that morning:(

Brennan started doing flips and diving-I am so proud of him. When he decided he wants to do something in the water, he is so determined until he gets it.

They were jumping in the pool while catching a football, while my cousin was sitting on the side pelting them with a bucket of water. It was pretty entertaining.

Then we busted out the karaoke machine...also very entertaining;)

Three of my cousins, siblings, all played live music. They are so incredibly talented. We really enjoy listening to them. Here is my cousin, who is 13 years old, playing keyboard and singing. At some points in the song he would play the harmonica while playing the keyboard. 

The audience:)

My cousin, Leyna, playing keyboard and singing:)

And Jacob playing guitar-so peaceful listening to beautiful talent.

Then the next day everyone traveled home:( It is always so hard to see them leave because every one of my family members are funny and silly and sweet and kind. It's a shame that they live so far away. However, I do feel like we make good use of the time we do have with them:)

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  1. That seriously looks like so much fun:-) wish I could get all my family in one place at one time!:-)