Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yesterday we got to go visit my Grandma and Grandpa in Missouri, it was so nice to visit with them! We took a walk around the clubhouse and through the woods.

Brennan wore his costume for them and showed off some of his super samurai moves:) He also read them a book which I think they really enjoyed!

Mad face pumpkin

Mad face to match!

Reese and Scotlyn's pumpkins:)

I did one of these 4 years ago...has it really been that long?

This morning I had a Halloween surprise for Brennan-we got to make glow in the dark chalk!

It did glow, but not a really vibrant glow that I could get a glowing picture. It was fun though:)

Showing off some sweet samurai moves:)

Trick or treating;)

We met up with our BFF's

Assessing the goods.

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