Sunday, June 9, 2013


Started this a couple of days ago and I am just now getting back to it-gah!

We got home from Arizona on Wednesday, what a wonderful trip it was! Much needed for sure. I came home walking-yay! I used the cane a little at the airport because it was a lot of walking (even though I did get a wheelchair coming home), but since then I have really done well without anything.  I still have a long way to go to get back to normal activities, but I am hoping to start outpatient PT this week. I was supposed to start last week, but Casey switched jobs last week and there was a little lapse in getting insurance info straightened out so I am hoping we are squared away next week. I have still been doing my home exercises though. I really want to get there to get some good exercises to get me ready for driving. They said at least 6 weeks and Friday was 6 weeks-I am ready! Brennan has swim practice in the mornings and meets in the evenings and t-ball in the other evenings and we have been missing or relying on others for rides and I am done! My hip precautions are actually getting much easier. I am so used to them now. I see the doctor again Thursday for my follow up and I have lots of questions! I saw him for the steroid shot (which was just what I needed-no knee pain!) but since it was a quick appointment where they squeezed me in, I didn't want to bombard him with Q's.

The rest of our trip was filled with lots of swimming!

Riding in the Ranger!

Love and snuggles!

Lazing around:)

Being silly!

Jack was obsessed with my cane-here he is riding it like a horsey:)

A fund day at an indoor amusement park!

My aunt and uncle have a beautiful view of a mountain behind their house.  It doesn't look that tall in this picture, but it was.

The sun was setting and it was beautiful!

So much fun visiting!!

The night before we left I wanted to get a few pictures of Brennan with a cactus. Their house is literally in the middle of desert like surroundings.

We learned about different kinds of cactus

Some are round...

Some grow flowers

Self portrait with the cactus:)

We were eager to get home to our little love:)

He was being silly one day and running from me and hopped into this hole!

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