Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunny Az

That's right, we are in sunny Arizona! We are visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins! We were supposed to come in February, but my aunt was really busy around the time we were booked and we ended up going to Florida. So I postponed to now not knowing I would be having a hip replacement obviously. But I decided to wait as close as possible to see how I was feeling before I cancelled. I was 5 weeks post op Friday and I was feeling like I could make it work. I got a wheelchair at the airport (and flew through security was fantastic) I picked front row seating on the plane so I would have plenty of leg room 
To kick my leg out when I sat down and stand up to move around. My aunt and uncle have been very accommadating and even found me a raised toilet seat-yipee;) Our plan was to mostly relax anyway so its really working out well and I am glad we didn't cancel. My pictures are kind of mixed up because I am blogging from my phone and you know how much I love that;)

This is actually 6:30 this morning, Brennan and Alex were ready to swim!

After they swam until about 10 pm the night before

Me and Jack sitting poolside yesterday:)

I dont have to use my cane, but I limp when I don't so I am still using it occasionally. I took a couple of doses of ibuprofen for my knee because i thought it was inflammation, but then i found out they dont like you to take ibuprofen in the first 6 weeks because it inhibits the bone growth around the titanium. I callled and told them again about my knee pain and they finally talked to the doctor (the nurses usually try to solve issues independendently since its a pretty standard surgery) however we all know i dont follow the rules when it comes to things just being "standard" so the doctor had me come in Thurs and get a cortisone shot in my knee. He thinks its inflammation so hopefully this calms it down,  it does seem a little better and he said full effect is 7-10 days. I had my last In home PT Tuesday, but she wants me to continue with therapy. She was going to try to get me approved for more Visits but since i was travelling she didnt think it would get approved so I start outpatient PT Thursday after i get home.

Going back to our flight-Brennan got to copilot!

It was pure luck and opportunity, I had to sit in front so i would have room to kick my leg out to sit down. We had to stop in Minnesota for people to get off and others to get back on. They also switched pilots and the cockpit door was open for a while and i asked if he could go in and look and they let him sit down and showed him how they speed up and all the lights-he was in awe! We really lucked out!

We are here until Wednesday so still lots of fun times ahead:)

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  1. So neat! You are missing out on sucky weather here so your timing is great! Hope the rest of your trip is awesome!