Friday, June 14, 2013


I read through my last post and I made so many errors and the last part was confusing! I left with Brennan, but he ultimately wanted to stay however his lesson at that point was that he didn't get to stay because of the way he acted. In case it was as confusing for you:) So he originally said he wanted to go back the next day because it was fun, but later decided he didn't. I wanted him to go back because I know he would have had fun and I wanted him to see that he could stay there without me and it would be fine, but another part of me was glad not to have to deal with any drama:) We ended up going to the movies and had a fun day together. He really is so sweet and such a fun boy to be around-when he doesn't have to leave me;)

I don't think I am homeschooling Brennan this year because Casey is pretty insistent that he go to public school so I have been talking to Brennan a lot about the fact that he will be at school all day-without me. We actually went to the school today to pick up some forms for the doctor, eye doctor, etc. I walked him through the halls and peeked in a few classrooms. He really liked it! I must admit, I was a little anxious. I might be causing the drama when the time comes for him to start school (not in front of him of course!) He is excited that the school mascot is a Hornet:)

I had my follow up yesterday with the surgeon. Everything is going well. I have a slight limp, but unfortunately have still not been able to start physical therapy outpatient. Casey started his new job with new insurance and they have a preexisting condition clause so they won't cover anything related to my surgery-really sucks. I was supposed to have an xray yesterday, but my doctor said it wasn't necessary to put me in debt for it since I am not having any problems. He is seriously one of the best doctors I have met. He is smart, a great surgeon, takes a lot of time to talk about everything. I did find a place that will do my physical therapy for $50/visit. I probably won't go a whole lot, but if I can get some new, more challenging exercises to do at home I think it would help a lot. I did get some tips so I am going to test them out. I am driving which is so wonderful. I feel so free and like I have so much more control! Here is an x-ray the day of surgery-you can see the stem going into my bone, the ball and the plate screwed in.

So our new little kittis kattis made Ellen's facebook page! I forgot that I sent the picture in via her website to 'cute pictures' or something and then a fb friend said that she saw the picture on Ellens' page!  He had over 50,000 likes and 2700 shares! Here is her page if you scroll down a bit you can see him, but here is the famous foto:)

Here he is playing with Mr Hopperson. It was Brennan's bunny now it's the kitty's. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with it when we first brought him home to compare his size, but I am finally starting to tell that he is bigger. We love him SOOOO much! He is funny and playful and snuggly-just perfect! He eats like a hog and he is not happy when he cannot find his mama! Boots does not like him at all (lots of hisses and swats) and he really just wants to play with her tail-not a good combination. He is going to have to be much bigger before he can be left with her-if at all. We may have another indoor cat whether we like it or not.

Brennan snorkeled at my mom's today:)

Practicing hand stands!

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