Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It is hard to believe that six years ago today this amazing little boy entered our lives and made us parents! 

I remember going in at night when Brennan was in the NICU for his weight checks. We were so proud of every ounce he gained! We were always so intrigued by his tiny little self and all of his amazing accomplishments. 

We are still amazed each day at the things Brennan knows, how he makes us laugh, how much we see him growing into his own little self. 

I have so much love for this boy! He makes my heart swell a million times its size many times a day.

Brennan is SO much fun to be around! He has this enormous personality and I am always anxious to see what is going to come out of his mouth next:)

I love his sweet side. He is always thinking of Casey and I-what he can share with us, making sure we know how much he loves us.

I love his questions and constant confirmation of everything going on in the world. He wants to know everything about everything. He has this intense curiosity that I admire so much.

He Is really turning into this little jokester.  He is so funny and is always making us laugh:)

I adore his imagination! I love listening to his long, elaborate stories about everything! Just last night he was snuggling with bear and he said they were camping out and having s'mores in his bedroom:)

I can't imagine life without Brennan and I hope I never have to. I am not sad about another birthday, I am happy. Another birthday means he is here, living and breathing, and that makes me so happy


  1. Kim I can't get over how much he looks like Casey. He is his mini me. I get sad at every birthday, but I think it is a happy kind of sad. Happy Birthday Brennan!

    Christi Vasquez-Keller