Monday, December 15, 2014

A Day in the life of a Preemie

I start my day with my medical team, consisting of doctors, nurse practitioners and my nurse, making rounds and talking about my progress. Then they decide if there will be any changes to my care. In the beginning, changes were made daily to my respiratory support and feedings, but lately things have pretty much stayed the same and I'm just waiting to grow big and strong so I can keep moving forward. I get my feedings at 9-12-3-6 around the clock-I am taking a high calorie formula made just for little guys like me. I am getting a little over an ounce at each feeding. As I gain weight, the amount increases. Before my feeding I get my diaper changed and my temperature checked, when mommy is here she does that:) The nurse checks the placement of the feeding tube in my nose that goes to my belly to make sure it's in the right spot. Every 8 hours my pulse ox probe is changed to a different place on me and my blood pressure is taken.

I also have an occupational therapist that comes a few times per week to give me a massage-as most people do, I really like this. Sometimes mommy massages me too to help calm me down. That's probably one of the hardest parts about being a preemie right now is even changing my diaper is a lot of stimulation. I stretch my arms and legs out, it's hard for me to control my movements and sometimes this upsets me. When mommy changes me she keeps my arms secure in my rue (a rue is this really comfy sleep sack that keeps me bundled up like I was when I was in my mommy's belly). Keeping my arms secure helps me to relax while mommy changes me-sometimes I even sleep through it. I'm also turned in different positions with my feedings/diaper changes-my favorite is my tummy:)

My isolette is in a room with 5-8 other babies and there are 2-3 nurses in the room to take care of us. I usually stay in my isolette unless mommy or daddy come to hold me. Here is what my bedside looks like.

A picture my big brother, Brennan, drew for me:)

I also have a picture of Brennan in my isolette:)

 It used to be harder to get me out, especially when I had the tube in my mouth to help me breathe. Now mommy can get me out on her own, but I still have the oxygen tubing, feeding tube, three leads (to pick up heart rate and respiratory rate), pulse ox probe (for my oxygen level), and temperature probe. I have to wear a hat and be bundled up to keep me warm. I love to be held, when I'm awake I just stare at mommy while she talks to me and sings to me. I'm really starting to focus more on her face too-she really loves that!

Sometimes I just sleep when mommy is holding me because it's pretty comfy:)

At 9pm I get weighed-this is a very important time! Everyone wants to know how much I've gained! I'm getting pretty big-4lbs 1oz now! If it's bath day, I get a bath at this time too. Mommy brings in clean blankets and clothes for me-some are mine and some are my big brothers. I've gotten lots of new snuggly sleepers since I was born:)

Today, I had my eye exam. My nurse said I did really well and that it didn't take long. I'm glad that's not part of my daily routine though! They said my eyes look immature which is to be expected and I get another exam in 2 weeks. Mommy was happy to hear that!


  1. He is a cutie. We are sending prayers.

  2. Praying Kim, what a beautiful blessing for Christmas, hope he is home very soon with you all!