Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy One Month Baby Brooks!

Baby Brooks is one month today! He is also 35 weeks gestation. I felt a little guilty that I didn't have those little stickers you put on onesies for each month. But I try not to be too hard on myself since there is so much going on. Maybe next month. For this month, Gift to the Ladies works just as well:)

Little Brooks got mail in the NICU today:) It was from a friend from high school and fellow preemie mom-thank you Amanda! His nurse said she had never had a baby get mail:)

A sneak peak:)

Brooks is just a smidge under 4lb 5oz. He has been gaining (and good amounts) every day! Remember I was worried about him having to keep up his temp and burning calories and he is a rock star!

He has been so sleepy when I've been there lately. I did a little taste testing with him yesterday, but he zonked out shortly after we started. I did have to leave early to get Brennan from school so I thought he may wake more at 3pm when I wasn't there.

Today, he woke for a little bit when I got there, but not enough to do any taste testing. Then I gave him a bath before his next feeding and since that is a lot for him I didn't want to push it. I got him all snuggled and comfy to nap after. I like him to be settled when I leave. I won't leave when he is awake because I like to have that bonding time with him and even if he is just a little squirmy I can't leave. I like to think I tuck him in until the next time I get there;)

When I talked to the attending yesterday (who is actually not his regular doctor) he said as he gets bigger the flow from the cannula won't do as much for him as when he was smaller. And let's face it, he's growing by leaps and bounds right now! I have also noticed him being more comfortable breathing the last couple of days. He does still reflux, I can always tell when he does, not just by his oxygen sats, but he gets squirmy. Although he has dropped his oxygen saturation a few times during reflux episodes, he has been recovering without any heart rate drops (or severe apnea that requires stimulation) which is an improvement. He hasn't had an apnea/bradycardia episode since Monday night I believe. Soooo I'm thinking maybe the caffeine and cannula will be gone soon-hope I'm not speaking too soon!

So our goals are to get rid of the cannula and not be such a sleepy head so we can wake up and take bottles!

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