Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One less tube and 5 weeks old

Brooks got his oxygen flow off today:) I'm excited, but I'm afraid to get too excited because it's possible he may not tolerate it and have to go back on. So far he has continued to do well taking bottles despite not having the respiratory support, but it could catch up to him in the next day or two. So we won't really know if he will fully tolerate it for a couple of days.

He has been doing well with bottles, although they said he could slack a little while he is getting used to not being on the flow. He had been waking up more at night time and he still is. He took 3 full bottles last night! He did take a full bottle yesterday and today for me, but otherwise during the day he is taking anywhere from 5-20ml. A full bottle is now 39ml, (one ounce is 30ml). His nurse practitioner (who is amazing!) said he took 58% of his bottles yesterday. She is happy with his progress. She is so great about coming to update me every day and she is very thorough, I miss her when she isn't there. 

As far as the reflux, Brooks had really gotten to a point where he was recovering on his own without the apnea/bradycardia episodes, but he did have a couple today. She said it was just because he is adjusting to being off the flow. He didn't need any stimulation, but it was a change from what he had been doing. He has done well with growing out of everything else so it will just take time for him to grow out of this as well.

He is still gaining weight, but it has slowed. He is expending a lot of energy to eat now so it's expected. He is 4lbs 8oz.

This is a picture of him with no tubes-he pulled his NG tube out this weekend. When he is mad, that is the first thing he goes for! He does have one less tube to pull on now:)

The hat officially goes with another outfit, but my co-worker stitched his name on this adorable sleeper! It has the cutest reindeer on the other side, but it was hard to get both in the picture. It will have to be an after Christmas wear too so I can get a picture when he has filled it out:) Thank you Kathy!

Brennan came to visit a few days this weekend/week. He is so sweet with him♥ 

Thank goodness this guy is leaving tomorrow night, he has been causing trouble around here. 

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