Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Closer to home

Brooks is really filling out! It's funny to say he looks chubby because he isn't even 5lbs yet, but compared to 2lb 14oz-he is chubby:)

So he had his 2nd eye exam yesterday and it was normal-yay! His poor little eyes were red after:( They said he tolerated it well though. He has another one in 2 weeks. Hopefully we're home by then, but we will still have to follow up in the office. He will also get the synagis vaccine before he goes home and monthly to help prevent RSV. Brennan got them all through the winter as well. He gets his thyroid rechecked on Monday. If it comes back high again then he will start medicine and follow up with endocrine doctors. He was just a little high so we're hoping it will come back down to normal.

We are getting closer to coming home. He has picked up well on the bottles and they said once he is at 70-75% bottles for a couple of days they will take out his NG tube and he can eat when he wants, but wait no longer than 4 hours. He was at 69% yesterday and he has really picked up last night and today so I'm thinking we are really close. He is trying so hard! They said discharge comes pretty fast once they start taking bottles, let's hope it's here before I know it:) We are ready!

Once we get home we will have lots of appointments. He has to follow up at Children's with their newborn doctors, get his eye exam in 2 weeks and follow up with his pediatrician (not sure how often yet). He will need weight checks and they offered home health visits or taking him to the pediatrician. I will probably wait and see how often. Since it's so cold and I will obviously like to avoid taking him out to avoid exposure, we may opt for some nursing visits. Our pediatrician does only well child visits in the morning and sick kids in the afternoon so that's a bit of a relief  for when he does have to go into the office, but still the less he is out the better.

We're just ready to bring this little man home!

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