Monday, February 14, 2011

hearts and lots of love

We have had some fun Valentine's Day celebrations. Brennan's party at school was fun and I always enjoy getting to help and play and just see Brennan in the school setting. This time was even better-she had a chocolate fountain-yum!

The hospital I delivered at has a program, Mercy Heart Prints. It is for families that lose their babies. They collected all of Reese and Scotlyn's blankets, blood pressure cuffs, the little bow that Reese wore, pretty much anything and everything a parent would want to keep. They had pictures done for us, they called to check on us after we came home, and they recently sent these in the mail in memory of Reese and Scotlyn for Valentine's Day. Very thoughtful of them.

Brennan has been into Spider Man lately. I would rather him be a little older before he ventures into the "action" figures, but I'm not going to deny him. I let him watch the younger version that has virtually no violence and Brennans "watching" is running around pretending to be whatever action figure happens to be on TV at the moment. Anyway, it was no surprise that he wanted a Spider Man action figure for V Day. It actually is pretty cool and he loves it! He also got the Panda pillow pet.

What is Valentine's Day without some heart shaped cupcakes??

Oh and heart shaped pizza of course!

Brennan hanging with his best buds! (Yes, that it is a picture of a picture on a camera-classy eh?!)

It was a day filled with love...

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