Monday, June 18, 2012

Party and Presents

Brennan had his birthday party on Saturday. It was shark themed and it was a lot of fun! Everything turned out perfect. We had great weather, the kids had a lot fun, and all of the planning came together well.

Brennan wanted his cake to say "Happy 5th Shark Birthday Brennan" so that's what it said!

Swimming with friends:)

The pinata!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday...

It was too windy so we moved inside:)

Bella testing out the shark prop

Brennan opening presents...his friends loved helping!

Relaxin' in his new shark chair maw maw made for him!

Baby Jackson joined the fun too:)

Post party-playing in the new bounce house GiGi got Brennan!

Our birthday present to Brennan was a fish tank with a Bala Shark and two tiger barbs. The story on putting that all together is one for it's own post! He was really excited this morning so it was all worth it!

Brennan told me this morning that every time he walks over to the tank, the fish tell him "Happy Birthday" :)

What is better than eating 5 chocolate donuts for your 5th birthday breakfast?

You can see my post about his 4th birthday here. There are lots of pictures of him through the years.


  1. Oh it looks like such a wonderful party!!!! FIVE is an AWESOME year :)

  2. Looks like he had lots of fun!! Love the shark theme! So cute:-) Happy Birthday!