Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toys R Us

Brennan's birthday is next week and he got a birthday card in the mail from Toys R Us. Guess what came with it...a coupon! We let Brennan open the card since it is fun for him to get mail, especially for his bday:)

Well, we had to go spend the $3 coupon!  I would usually just use the coupon myself and get something for him or whatever we need, but I decided to let Brennan go shopping.We ventured out to Toys R Us (and did some other errands) and shopped for an hour and a half at Toys R Us. Looking through each aisle to decide which was the perfect toy. Brennan shopping reminds me of myself shopping, and it's not pleasant! By the end I was done! I had  2 coupons so Brennan had a certain amount to spend. When we finally picked out two toys that were about the amount he was allowed, we went to the checkout. We got up there and the toys were on sale..ahhh! So we needed more toys to use the coupons. Well, I was not about to go back and look for another toy. We left the counter to talk about the situation. I was trying to talk him out of the 2nd toy because I felt like he only picked it because I said it was time to go and it was a Thomas train and he doesn't really play with them that much anymore anyway. Earlier, on the way up to the checkout he asked for an ice cream bar (Toys R Us conveniently places them at checkout). I had said no because he hadn't had lunch and I usually don't buy that kind of stuff anyway out on a random shopping trip. Well, during our discussion about putting the second toy back he had an idea that he would put the toy back if he could get ice cream. OKAY, DEAL! 

So the prize ended up being this Jake and The Neverland Pirates spyglass, treasure map, and bandana. I love it and so does Brennan! 

This was on our lunch date at The Pasta House:)

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