Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snowmen and bestest buddies:)

This is one day last week. We had a snowman theme day. They played a snowman game that Kate made by rolling the dice to get the snowman part. They had to tally and graph their results.

I had been wanting to make something with some pine cones I had and I found this adorable snowman craft-perfect!

I couldn't believe I had everything! Some things I improvised, like the snow balls were supposed to be sparkly white pom poms, but I used little foam balls instead. They used bigger popsicle sticks, our snowmen are a little slimmer:) I was very nervous during the process as I was comparing the picture to what we had, but it turned out really cute:)

This is Brennans...

and Brodys

Sometimes it gets a little silly around here...

We make time for dressing up too:)

Don't let the swords deceive you, right before these pictures were taken Brennan said "I love you Brody." To which Brody responded "I love you too Brennan." Brennan said "We like to hang out because we're bestest buddies." So sweet:)

They spotted this picture in our curio cabinet. It is from my wedding and has all of my best girlfriends-including Kate, Brody's mom. It was cute, they looking at it and talking about it for a while:)

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  1. Oh my goodness it is so special that they get to spend this time together! How fun!