Monday, February 11, 2013

Zoo Class

Today, Brennan went to his first home school zoo class-Penguin Palooza. He loved it! This was a class that parents did not participate. He wasn't sure how he felt about that so he decided on the way that he didn't want to go. I explained that he would still have fun and I would be right outside the room. He ended up going right in and participated without any problem. (I was the one peeking in the window to make sure he was okay;)

The downside for me was-I was bored at first, I like doing these kinds of things with Brennan and I am honestly not used to just dropping him off and doing my own thing.  I did find a mom to talk to and since it was a homeschooling class, we had a lot to talk about! Also, I didn't really get to take any pictures. I did capture a few when they came out of the classroom to look at the he is talking to one of the kids about the penguins:)

Recording his observations:)

At the end, the teacher had him show me some cute little things they did to learn about where the equator is and the north and south poles. 

He told me late as we were walking through looking at the birds that they got to pet 2 birds, one was an owl named Percy that looked like this. He seemed to enjoy the class. He is signed up for a few more in the next few months.

It was nice today (for the season), 50 degrees and sunny so we decided to take advantage and look at some animals while we were there.

Sea Lions

Talking about the sea lions swimming over:)

We went to visit the birds and this volunteer had an ostrich egg. He talked to Brennan about the egg and how strong it is and how ostriches have a tooth when they're born that helps them break through the egg (I learn something new almost daily homeschooling!) He also had a penguin egg and talked about why they're shaped different, etc. Very informative!

We saw some pretty birds.

We also visited the monkeys

and snakessss...

Brennan likes to find the venomous snakes!

I wanted to get at least one picture of us...he wanted a silly one...

I wanted a cute one:)

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