Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3rd Heavenly Birthday

This morning I got an email from one of my BFF's, Amanda. It included a super sweet message about her love for our girls and some pictures of her girls when they went to visit Reese and Scotlyns grave last night.

They brought these adorable Disney princess pinwheels because they thought that is what they would like♥

I am sure they would be into all things princess. They would be the age Brennan was when they were born. It's hard to think about all that I have missed out on with them. And equally as hard to think about what I miss out on...forever.

Brennan wanted to take them flowers and of course I did too and I really am in love with these cupcake flowers so we picked them up and went to visit them. 

I was so sad this morning. In tears nearly all morning. I couldn't decide if I wanted to head to St Louis to do anything-I was worried I wouldn't keep it together. I was worried about how I would be if I sat at home too. So we went. I didn't take my camera in because I just didn't feel like messing with it and the pictures on my phone aren't really spectacular. Not to mention I sort of wish we would have just stayed home because right when we got there Brennan knocked my phone out of hand and shattered 
the screen:(

I love this boy so much and I am so glad he was with me today-even if he did break my phone:) I kind of felt bad for him because I was in such a daze this morning, he would be talking to me and he had to repeat himself several times because I was so out of it. I did start feeling a little better as the day went on and we found out that Casey was getting to come home this evening instead, which was the best news all day:)

Here is Brennan at their funeral.

The sunset was beautiful.

And we released these 2 pink lanterns tonight♥

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