Monday, December 10, 2012

Fill their Stockings!

Our first Christmas after Reese and Scotlyn were born, I ordered stockings for them. I was hanging Brennan's stocking and the fireplace just felt so empty knowing there should be two more stockings right beside his. It always brings me a sort of peace to do something for them, to have their names and pictures in our house as part of our family because they are such a big part of our family. So Christmas time was no different. There is definitely no ignoring that they are a big part of our lives, I think about them constantly.  The first year I had a really hard time with Reese and Scotlyns' stockings being empty on Christmas Day.  I already felt so empty not having them there on their first Christmas and it just made me feel more empty to see their stocking that should be full of girly goodies completely empty. The next year I made sure that I had something put in them. I bought 2 butterflies that I could put at their grave in the spring. I think it helped to at least have something in there just for them. I have looked for something this year and haven't really found anything that I love, but I did find this amazing idea on Tesha's blog. She is challenging everyone to do Random Acts of Kindness to fill her sweet Jonathan's stocking. Love it.

So I want to offer everyone this opportunity to perform your own random act of kindness this year in honor of Reese and Scotlyn. Send us your random act of kindness by Christmas Eve and we will place them in their stockings and read them on Christmas Day! You can leave a comment here or email me at It would be great to see a snapshot "in the act" as well!

I can't wait to see all of the heartwarming ideas people come up with!
Here is a list of ideas if you need one.


  1. I am completely in love with this idea!! I will be thinking of ideas to do so I can send you a fun email :)

  2. what an awesome idea! i love it! i need to put my thinking cap on and get back to you with my random act - what a sweet way to remember your girls. (((hugs)))