Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A new adventure

Brennan got some little kid skates as a gift a couple of years ago and I remember pulling him (or basically carrying) him around the house when he got them because he could not skate. Lately he has been putting the skates on again and skating around our house. (Our entire house is wood floors). 

So I decided we should take it the next step further and go skating for real...oh boy did it bring back memories. It's been about 20 years (disgusting) since I've been skating. Talk about flashbacks. Brennan was so so excited! We walked in and he said "This is awesome!" Still had the referee skating around, disco ball, lights, fog machine...everything was exactly the same. When Brennan saw the disco lights he said "It's like Partysaurus Rex" Toy Story fans can watch it here-we had watched it like 5 times earlier today:)

I was really dreading going, I wanted Casey to go, but I forgot he was on call this week when I told Brennan we would go tonight. I tried to convince some of my family to go and that wasn't happening either. So it was just me. I was a little nervous that he would be pulling me down with him

After a little while he decided he wanted one of these. There were actually quite a few kids with them (and honestly I could have used one myself!) He asked what it is I said "a walker":) 

All I could do was laugh at us. There was a game that you had to pick a corner 1, 2, or 3 and skate to it. We chose 1 the first time, they roll the gigantic die (yes they still have it!) and whichever number was called, that group had to leave the floor. Luckily it wasn't us so we got to stay. Well, then you skate around the rink and pick the next number you want to stand by. We left 1 and got about 5 feet away before we needed to pick a number again (2 and 3 were on the other side of the rink) I just started laughing and said "Well Brennan I guess we're going back to 1." We did make it to 2 and 3 eventually and stayed in until the last round, but our number didn't win, maybe next time:)

I'm glad we went, he had fun. I was really proud of him, he fell quite a few times and got right back up and laughed it off. I am sure this will be on the request list again soon-maybe next time daddy can take him:)

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