Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Caterpillar to Butterfly

For Easter, we got Brennan a butterfly pavilion. I was so excited to do this with him! I had a book and some fun little worksheets, I wanted it to be educational too. We waited until we got back from vacation to get the caterpillars. I kind of forgot that I ordered them before we left to be delivered after we got home. Well, they came on a Saturday that I worked. Casey got them from the mail and didn't see that the box needed to be opened immediately so I was worried they had sat there all day  in the box. I took the containers out and opened the lid because I wanted Brennan to see the caterpillars up close and then I started reading the booklet about them that said not to open the container or touch the caterpillars, which we had. I was mortified and thought I ruined them:( Then we needed to put them away from sunlight and there are not many places in our house without sunlight and a place to set them where Brennan could watch them. They were starting to crawl to the top to form their chrysalis. I had them on the bathroom counter for a while and Brennan knocked a container into the sink. I was worried again that he harmed them and they wouldn't develop. Then we had to transfer the paper into the pavilion once the  chrysalis had formed. Both papers with chrysalis attached fell into the pavilion after I attached it. I was feeling like a really bad butterfly mommy at this point. I was thinking there was no way they would survive. Once the chrysalis forms, the longest stage is waiting for them to develop into butterflies. So every day I'm just waiting for them to hopefully develop and reassure me that I did not ruin them. Then yesterday, I peeked in and saw 3 butterflies flying around. I was squealing with excitement! We now have 6 beautiful painted lady butterflies!:) 

Brennan has really loved watching these butterflies develop.

It is so amazing how fast they change. One day I saw a caterpillar in the morning that turned to a chrysalis by afternoon.

I cannot believe how delicate they are while also being so strong.

There are still 3 chrysalis that I am hoping will still develop. There were a couple of late ones so I hope those were the ones. *Update* I started this post yesterday and the rest of the chrysalis developed and out came more butterflies! We had a total of 9, but we got a couple out today outside and let them go:)


  1. So awesome and special! Good to know they are resilient too!

  2. Oh wow how cool! My kids would love this Although I would be worried about one of them killing the little things. Thanks for sharing this I really want to try it :)

  3. Oh that looks like fun. You are like me, worrying that you had messed them up and then they turn out fine. :) What a neat lesson for kids! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Butterflies are so neat.