Wednesday, May 9, 2012

seven days in paradise: SEA WORLD

The second day we went to Sea World. Brennan LOVES ocean animals so we were so very excited about this adventure! It did not disappoint, in fact it was amazing! We loved every bit:)

We rode this guy from the hotel-I Ride Trolley:) Pretty cute, eh?

First stop: Stingray Lagoon

Next and the one I was most excited about-The dolphins!:)

Awesome awesome experience! Brennan and I both love dolphins!

We are actually feeding them here, Brennan really enjoyed it and so did we!

This pesky bird was circling around waiting to swoop by and steal the fish for the dolphins, he managed to get one of ours!

It's hard to see because Brennan was caught off guard and pulling my arm down, but these flamingos were walking down the street:)

Ready for the dolphin show!

It was magical! It is quite amazing how smart these animals are!

The new Sea Turtle Trek. It just opened the week before we went. I don't have any pictures of the show because it was a 3D show, but it was awesome. The whole ceiling of the auditorium was the ocean and you were the turtle, swimming in the ocean with sharks-very very neat!

Some of the rides-Brennan had so much fun! We actually did too, even on the kid rides:)

He liked this roller coaster until it got really bumpy (really fast down a hill, typical roller coaster style!) I was so proud of him for trying them!

This was really fun, up in the air and drop down quick and back up and back down.

They had this HUGE net and tunnels to crawl through!


In the sharks jaws!

The tunnel through the sharks

One the best meals ever...eating right next to sharks!!

Sea Lion show-amazing talent from these sea animals!

Brennan went on this! It was quite the ride and when we got off he did not want to go again, but he loved watching everyone else!

Watching the dolphins from underground.

Ice cream cookie sandwich, doesn't get much better!

This was an adorable cat, dog, pig, mouse show. I can't believe how cute it was for animals we have right in our home:)

Playing video games at the hotel.

Brennan playing with his new stuffed shark in his shark jammies!

An amazing day at Sea World, one of my new favorite places!


  1. Amazing! I never realized Sea World has rides! It looks like a perfect day!

  2. Great pics! We've done Disney but never Sea World.

  3. WOw it looks like you guys had so much fun! I love the pics of him looking in the aquarium! Brennan is one blessed little boy to have such awesome parents!