Friday, May 11, 2012

seven days in paradise: day four

We wanted to do this Characters in Flight the day before when we were at Disney Marketplace, but it was too windy. Apparently they are often cancelling flights due to weather conditions.

I called Friday morning and they were flying again! We headed over to the Disney Marketplace before Sea World.

It was really neat to see all of Disney World from the Hot Air Balloon!

I would definitely call before you do this because apparently they cancel a lot of flights because of weather. There is no direct line advertised, but I asked for it to make sure we wouldn't make the drive if they weren't flying. So I'm posting the phone number in case anyone ever needs it-1-407-938-9433.

Very pretty view:) We still had gift cards from GiGi so it worked out perfect! Thank you for this experience GiGi!!

Then we headed off to Sea World...

The first stop at Sea World was the Wild Arctic since we didn't see it the first time.

We went on simulated helicopter ride through the Arctic and saw these Polar Bears!

Afterward we got to see these beluga whales...


Yes, the male was chasing the female with his parts very obviously displayed...oh my.

Thankfully, Brennan had no clue what was going on!

He just enjoyed watching these guys "swim" around:)

We played around in Shamu's Happy Harbor again.

What do you know, Brennan chose the shark!

He played on the splash pad. He would have stayed there all day and I really wanted to let him play, but I felt like it was sort of a waste since there are so many other cool things to do at Sea World!

He had a blast!

Back to the Flying Fiddler

So this ride was really really fun actually. I am making this cheesy smiling face because Casey was trying to catch me making a stupid face and I was determined to keep a nice clean smile..I think I did good:)

I love this store! FINS-It was right across from the sharks. Brennan got his stuffed shark from here and a stuffed ray 

He also got these sea animals, playing with them while we were eating lunch.

We went back to Blue Horizons Dolphin show and this time we sat in the...

Since we had seen the show once I sort of knew when to expect the splashes so I braved using my camera (very cautiously) so I could get some good pictures. 

I really loved all of the shows at Sea World, they were so amazing!

Brennan (and I) got splashed!

Love these animals!!

Then ventured over to feed them again because we had so much fun the first time.

Sea World Admission:$89

Afternoon snack for dolphins from The Wyman Family: $21

Feeding the Dolphins Experience: PRICELESS

We stopped by to visit the stingrays one last time before we left:)

I'm not sure what this little creatures name is, but Brennan enjoyed a photo with her.

After Sea World, we drove to Merritt Island to my aunt and uncles house just in time for my cousins talent show-so cute!!

Our friends, Adam and Amanda had a sweet little boy, Jack on May 4th:) Welcome to the world  Jackson!

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  1. This has to be the best trip ever. I cant not believe all the great pictures you got! What a treasure to always remember your awesome trip. WE LOVE Sea World :)