Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Special Guest

We are having a special guest with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays the rest of the year. My best friend, Kate (where I get the beautiful, precious ornaments for Reese and Scotlyn), just had her 3rd baby and didn't want to burden her family with all 3 kids so her oldest is coming to play with us.

Brody is Brennan's bestest friend!  There is like this magic between them-as soon as they are in the same room together, they are inseparable no matter who else is around. 

They have been best friends since Brody was born! Here is their first meeting:)

Here they are today-I cannot believe how big they are now!

Today was the first day Brody was joining us. They do get a little wild at times so I was wondering how things were going to pan out when we were trying to do schoolwork, but they both listened really well-it helped that we played games too:)

Sight word Candyland

They played this Sock Monkey game-they had SO MUCH FUN! 

One person hides the monkey and then you flip over cards "Is it in a room with a rug?" "Is it in a room with a sink?" and then you get a "Go Look!" card and the other people that didn't hide it go find it. 

They had a blast!

Kate is a kindergarten teacher so we got some fun activities to do, a New Year's Pack she made for her class.

Decorating New Year's hats:)

We even had mustaches! 

What can I say-I think mustaches are fun too:)

They toasted to each other-too cute!

They made the other kind of toast too:)

Toast can have a mustache too!

Click here to the link for the pack for your child or class-it was a lot of fun!

I'm pretty sure they'll be best buds forever:)

It ended up being really warm and sunny today so they played outside for quite a while. We ended up strolling across the field to visit the chickens.

Here they are going hunting! (Brody's dad is a big hunter)

Hunting for bears!

We had so much fun today! Life doesn't get much better than being home with mommy and sharing the last part of kindergarten with your best friend!

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  1. Oh my goodness they are precious!!!! SO SWEET! I am sure Brennan is so excited about the rest of the year:)