Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bedtime fort

Brennan has been sleeping on the floor since, well pretty much a few months after we set up his big boy bed here. He moves around a lot in his sleep so he fell out of bed a couple of times. He insisted that he slept on the floor because it was too hot in his bed. I offered to get him a rail and he said it wasn't that, it was just that he really liked sleeping on the floor. Well, we let him sleep on the floor until recently I put his mattress on the floor and he would sleep on that. I wanted him to have some sort of bed or something fun to sleep in so I thought it would be cool for him to have a fort to sleep in. I was just going to make something at home, but maw maw had other ideas.

She built this awesome loft bed with a fort underneath and a bookcase in her woodshop! Brennan acted like he was going to sleep on top. He was so excited! He was worried about falling off where the ladder is so he moved his pillow to the other end-problem solved. We said good night, gave our kisses and then he came out saying he didn't want to sleep on top.

So this is where he ended up. It does look like lots of fun in there!

So I guess we're back to sleeping on the floor, just inside of a fancy fort now:)

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