Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bootsy Cat

Last night, Brennan was quite entertaining. Casey was on the phone while holding his drink so Brennan was talking on the phone while holding his drink. Then he got his laptop and pretended he was working like daddy and he was "on call" like daddy is sometimes:)

He typed "boots brennans cat"

Here is Boots, Brennans' cat.

 I have never posted on here that we had to get rid of our other cat June because she could not stop pooping on our floor-it was a very sad time:( She was declawed on all four paws when we got her so we couldn't put her outside and so we kept her (and dealt with poop on the floor) for 2 years and I was fed up. We were able to take her back to the Humane Society. I was finally able to call about her (after stressing for so long that they had put her to sleep even though they promised me they wouldn't). I was happy to learn she has been adopted out. I told Brennan and he said "I hope she isn't pooping on their floor" It was so bad that he would wake up every morning looking for poop on the stairs (the only place in our whole house with carpet and of course the only place she would go). I still miss her so much and felt like we were abandoning her. I just could not deal with the poop any longer. We got our carpets cleaned and I was done. I still get a little anxiety when I think about her and look at pictures. I made Casey take her in because I knew I would be a mess. When I came home from work the first morning she was gone, I cried. I kept looking for her to be in certain places she always was and it was very hard for a while. I am glad she found a home and I hope she isn't pooping and the are taking good care of her.

Anyway, Boots came to us after she was hanging around my dads house. We got her spayed and she is an outside (sometimes inside) cat. She mostly stays in the garage and we let her come in the house for the most part during the day. We worry about accidents (as she did have one) and that she cannot control her claws so she is out in the garage when we can't watch her. She is pretty sweet and of course Brennan adores her. She got her name because her paws look like she is wearing boots. I was scatter brained the day she came because I had people coming to my house for dinner pretty much the moment she came and I couldn't believe I was taking in a cat on whim that I just left the name as what Brennan had decided. Looking back, I probably would have went with something else. I mostly call her Bootsy B or Bootsy Beetle. She is a little temperamental with Brennan which I did not want again. She seemed really sweet when we first met her and she is to me still, however has her moments with me too. She is probably at least a year and not having been around kids most likely she just isn't into Brennan. She is a little like June and a little like cats can be sometimes, they want attention when they want it! It's fine though, Brennan pets her and laughs at her when she gets crazy so he enjoys her.

She is a crazy tree climber. She climbs as high as our house and gets down by herself. She recently had an ear infection. Her ear was huge and swollen, but not red so it didn't really seem infected and I read it could be an irritation from scratching. Anyway, I took her to the vet and got antibiotic ear drops and now that the swelling is going down, her ear is crinkly! You can see, it's her right ear. It's kind of cute, but I kind of feel bad for her even though it doesn't hurt her.

She is playful and she rubs on us for attention. She just like the attention on her own terms:) We do enjoy having her around and are glad we could give her a home and a warm place to stay.

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