Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dedicated Storytimers

Story Time at the library started last week, but since we were out of town, we missed it. This morning I was so excited to take the boys and then it started to snow and I saw some fleeting warning one the local news about bad weather.  I really hated to miss again so I decided to go for it and figured we could turn around if the roads seemed bad. 

The room was full so I guess I wasn't too crazy for getting out.

We love this story time! These ladies are awesome! They read 3 books and in between each on there is a song and dance so the kids don't get too antsy sitting and listening to stories the whole time. Then there is a puppet show at the end.

Talking about the puppet show:)

When we came home, the boys had their own stories to read and...

a puppet show to go with it:)

They also got new puppets from the library.

We listened to the story Brave and talked about the characters, setting, problems in the story and how they were solved. Then the boys drew a picture of their own problem and solution.

This was kind of random, but I found and thought it would be good for some cutting skills so I had them do this living/non-living worksheet. One picture was a teddy bear and Brennan insisted that it should go under living, he said "even though I know it's a teddy bear"

I think Bear might have something to do with this. I mean he does play games with us, go one vacation with us and pretty much everything else.

So that's that-teddy bears are living.

Sight word Candy Land-they love this! There are a few cards with no words and we always have to point out that they are the boring cards:)

Boggle Jr

Number Bingo

They like to watch a show at the end of the day before Brody goes home and popcorn is the most popular snack choice-waiting for it to finish.

They are always really good, but today they did exceptionally well with putting forth effort in writing, reading and getting dressed the first time I asked so they got a few of these. They get SO excited when they get one!

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  1. So cute! You are such a great mom and teacher, Kim!