Wednesday, March 6, 2013


One thing I love about homeschooling is playing an educational game that is fun and kids don't even know they're learning! Brennan has a ton of games and a lot of them are educational. 

Brennan has a lot of toys and I have a hard time finding toys for him now. Not that I am bragging that he has every toy, but I can't get any more cars, dinosaurs, action figures, sea animals-he has too many as it is! He does play with most of them (and it seems like as soon as I find something I think I can get rid of he starts playing with it again) I don't really care to buy that stuff anyway unless it is something he really wants. I bought a groupon for Zoobooks because he loves animals so much and that was going to be his Easter present along with a clear bird feeder for the window. I hadn't ordered the subscription yet when Casey's grandma sent a card saying she ordered him National Geographic for Kids-love it. I was actually between that and Zoobooks, but found the groupon and it sealed the deal. I looked back at my groupon for the Zoobooks and it never expires-bonus. I was then stuck with finding another gift for him for Easter-not dinosaurs, action figures, stuffed animals or cars. I get newsfeed on facebook from a group called "Hip Homeschool Moms" and they always post questions from parents looking for programs. It's awesome because you have tons of different people chiming in on what they think is best and then you can get ideas. Anyway, someone asked about geography lessons for K/1st grade level. Eeek-I don't have any lessons for that, should I?? We have a map hanging and we talk about the states, etc but I do want him to know more about the different countries and cultures. Then I start worrying 'Am I doing enough?' I know that kindergarteners don't have to know about geography yet, but that's the thing about homeschool-you can teach what you want and it's never too early to learn something. The more you hear it, the more you retain. I would be pretty embarrassed to admit my lack of knowledge in the  geography/history department. I know every mom does, but I really do just want Brennan to know as much as possible-I think I especially focus on the things I feel "dumb" about.

 So at first I started looking into some of the books/lessons that were recommended and through reading the reviews I found these games. So to ease my fears a little I bought a couple of games that had good reviews. 

Mission accomplished-educational and Easter present done:)

Can't wait to get them-and play them!

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