Saturday, March 2, 2013

Florida-February 2013

We went on our adventure to Florida and it was so much fun!

We left as the sun was setting. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it was beautiful!

Breakfast at the hotel before going to Sea World:) Giant waffle with whipped cream!

We got in Sunday night and went to Sea World Monday morning.

Brennan met Shamu as soon as we got there-he was so excited:)

Casey was on call this week and has been worried about using vacation since we will be going to Florida again in May so me. my mom and Brennan went.

We got these Sea World tix dirt cheap so we couldn't pass up another visit to this amazing park!

First stop was the water playground. Brennan remembered from when we went last May and asked to bring his swim trunks so he could play:)

Then we rode some of the rides in Shamu's Happy Harbor. Brennan was the conductor-he was so happy to get to ring the bells and whistles.

One of our favorites (as you can tell!) The Flying Fiddler

Jellyfish Greenery:)

Then we saw Shamu!

This was the one show we didn't get to see when we came last time so I really didn't want to miss it again.

These animals are so amazing!

Waving goodbye!

Next stop-sharks!

We ate lunch at The Sharks Underwater Grille. It is a must for us and it never disappoints!

Saw Shark

Sting Ray

They also give you wiki sticks so we made ocean animals.

Here is Brennans sting ray:)


Viewing the dolphins underwater while waiting for the show.

These might have been mating, thankfully Brennan doesn't know that!:)

The dolphin show is our favorite!

Another must for us-feeding the dolphins.


We also saw the Sea Turtles and Turtle Trek, which is an awesome 3D show, but it's in a done so you're completely surrounded by the show and it's underwater. 

Brennan was insistent on seeing the show and as soon as we walked out, it had started pouring! We got our ponchos on and waited a few more minutes and it stopped. That's Florida rain for ya:) So we really didn't need them, but Brennan liked wearing his.

After we left Sea World, we drove to my aunt and uncles house to stay the rest of the time. It was so relaxing there and we always enjoy the company!

Brennan loves playing with Brandie, she is such a good dog!

And Zeta the kitty:)

We headed to the beach Tuesday morning. It was supposed to rain the afternoon so we wanted to get some beach time in before the rain came.

Brennan loves the water! I kept asking if he wanted to just play in the sand for a little while. Nope, just wanted to play in the waves-and the water was freezing!

Wednesday was warm and sunny so we spent most of the day at the beach. When we got there, Brennan said "Surfs up!"

We loved watching the surfers. The big talk after we were there a while was that one of the surfers landed on a shark and others were saying they saw it too. We obviously weren't as far out as them so we still played close to shore. I was kind of surprised they didn't make everyone get out.

Me and my momma

We were by The Pier which is the hot spot. That's a tiki bar at the end of the Pier.

Looking out from the Pier.

Watching the surfers (and sharks!)


My lovey

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Janet met us for lunch on The Pier:)

Brennan wanted to take a dip in the pool when we got back.

I just enrolled Brennan in swimming lessons, but he hasn't started yet. I was wondering if he would still be swimming like he was last year since it's been a while since he has been in the pool.

Here is my mom with my aunt and uncle:)

Here we are getting ready to leave-we had such a great time!! We joked (sort of) about looking for houses while were there:)

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  1. It looks AMAZING!!!! You are such a fun, wonderful mommy:) Brennan is so BLESSED!