Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend together:)

Casey went out of town for a bachelor party in Nashville, TN this weekend so Brennan and I spent the weekend together:) Not that we don't spend most every other day together, but I let him sleep with me-he was so excited! Again, not that he doesn't crawl in bed with me every night, but the fact that he was allowed to go to sleep there made it that much better:)

Friday afternoon we went to see The Croods in 3D. I had free movie tickets that were expiring so I wanted to use them up. It was the first day of the showing and the day the tickets were expiring so it was perfect. I think that's the first 3D movie I've seen in a theater. It was very very cute! Highly recommended! After that we went to my moms house for dinner, homemade cod-yum. Saturday we did some shopping and had dinner at my dads for his birthday-Happy Birthday Dad!

Today-we got more snow. Like the most snow we have gotten all winter. And it is still snowing. So when Casey got home we snuggled on the couch for a little bit and then they went out to play.

I am personally way over winter. I mean I was over it 2 months ago and now it seems like there is no end. I feel like I am not going to fully recover from everything I have going on until it gets warmer so I am ready! I am definitely better though. I saw my ear, nose and throat doctor a week ago and he wanted to do sinus surgery-no thanks, option 2 please. So he changed my antibiotics (I am on 2 hefty ones now for 2 weeks) and he is having me use some decongestants to try to drain/dry everything out. It is working, but I still have some congestion and am just not completely better.  I have one more week of antibiotics (although I don't really think they are doing much) and decongestants and then I am done. I am not taking any more medication. I feel like I have tried everything and I cannot possibly take any more antibiotics and I feel like I have cleared up enough that surgery isn't needed anymore. So I guess we will see.

They like to have snow ball fights.

They also built a snow fort:)

I took this through the side lights of our front door.

All day today Brennan was asking when daddy would be home, he missed him so much! 
♥ these boys


  1. Hi I am here catching up on your happenings:) So sorry to hear you are still sick uuugg. In 09 I was seeing an ear,nose and throat doctor for a persistent sinus infection. I think it lasted three or more months. He wanted to do surgery and I am so glad that I did not go through with it. I tried just about every antibiotic out there I think it was finally Levaquin that did the job. My blog changed domain names so to get updates you have to re join Google friends connect this is the new address
    I love those nights when I get to sleep with one of my kids soooo special:)
    Love the sweet pictures of the boys.

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