Monday, December 20, 2010

Baking with Bear

Anyone who knows Brennan well knows that he loves to talk to his animals (and many other inanimate objects) :) He has a lot of 'friends' that sleep with him, but a few are very very special and Bear is one of them. Brennan's class is having a cookie exchange tomorrow so we baked cookies for the Reception and Exchange yesterday. I'll give you a little play by play of his conversations with Bear.

"Bear, do you want to bake cookies with us?"
"Mommy, can Bear bake cookies with us?"
Me: "Of course honey."

"Bear, you have to measure out the sugar."

"Bear, do you want to help us mix?"
"Mommy, Bear wants to help us mix?"
Me: "Okay honey."

See how he has pulled Bear closer and his paw is holding the mixer?

So we made the cookies yesterday and today he says to Bear "Thank you for helping us make cookies, Bear."

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