Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Boy Dreams

Brennan moved into a big boy bed on Sunday. I have been having so many mixed emotions about Brennan fast approaching four years old. All in the same breath I am excited, sad, and joyful about Brennan getting bigger, smarter, and just plain older. I know it's normal, but I do feel like it's intensified by not having my baby girls. Just the fact that time is still moving and moving and moving and they are still not here through all of these changes that seem so minute to everyone else. That my only baby here with me is so not a baby anymore. Time is only making that more clear. So moving to a big boy bed was of course one of those big exciting...sad...yet joyful moments for this mommy.

His room is decorated in Cardinals.

Maw Maw is very crafty and made his baseball table and chairs:) She also made the baseball bat curtain rods, curtains, toy box and painted the wall!

He has baseball knobs on his dresser.

I'd say he is pretty happy about his new bed:)

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