Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Junie B

This is Brennan's new kitty, June. We got her for Brennan in the beginning of December. She has fit in pretty well in our home and has already acquired quite a few nicknames. Junie, Junie Bug, June Bug, Junie B are just a few.

I'm not really sure what to say about this pair-one thing is for sure, they are two of the hardest subjects to photograph together!

June usually runs away..

or they both get distracted..

This is just a fraction of the pictures I have taken of them and believe it or not this is about the best I could get. Brennan is usually an easy one to photograph so I'd say it's mostly June that makes it tough, but he is of course distracted by her so the two together is just very difficult.

I'd say this is the most successful so far..

When she came home with us the first day he said "Welcome to our home, June." He talks to her all the time. And if you know Brennan, you know he likes for us to talk back to him for his "subjects". Well, I told Brennan as soon as we brought June home that "June doesn't talk!" I did not want to be walking around talking for the cat all the live long day!

She definitely gets a lot of laughs out of all of us-she is just as crazy as Brennan! That's for a whole other post though.

It's pretty funny to see them together. Brennan loves June, but Junie-she could do without crazy, running around, chasing her, 3 year old little Brennan! Sometimes I feel bad that she isn't super snuggly and more tolerating of his crazy ways, but he loves her just the same:)

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  1. This is cute and funny...the thought of having to be the voice of the family pet all the time is hillarious!!!