Friday, May 17, 2013


Monday was our anniversary, but Brennan had t-ball practice and we planned to go to that, but Casey came home and was not feeling well so we waited until Tuesday to go to dinner anyway. It went pretty well-it was only my second time going out. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse. I couldn't sit in any booths because they were too low and would break my hip precautions. He said the chairs were even lower and I am not comfortable sitting in a chair with no handles yet anyway so we sat at the bar. Apparently kids aren't supposed to sit at the bar-I guess it's inappropriate or something, but they let us anyway-under the circumstances;)

When I was getting in the car I think I moved a little too fast and felt like I tweaked a muscle. So then I was worried I did something wrong because I was having muscle pains I wasn't having before. Wednesday I was still having the same pains, but then when I was doing my exercises Wednesday night, all of a sudden they were gone. It makes me worried about going anywhere! Stupid hip precautions! I cannot wait for 9 more weeks to be done with them!

PT came yesterday and she has been trying to give me new exercises, but I'm not ready:( I think normally I would be, but I have this weak tendon or tendonitis and the inside of my right leg is weak and that is what is keeping me from being able to put full weight on it without anything. So disappointing because I am starting to feel like I am going to walk with an assisstive device forever:/ She did give me some exercises to strengthen that tendon. She ordered me a cane, but it isn't in yet so she gave me a loaner. Yesterday when she was here I was a  little nervous and unsteady using it,  but have been trying to use it today and it has gone pretty well. The crutch is so much more sturdy, but I think I rely on it too much where the cane I have to do more work. She keeps telling me not to push, but I just want to walk on my own!! I really have been resting and not pushing too much, I don't want to set myself back.

The nurse has still been coming out and drawing my blood. I had to increase my coumadin dose because my levels were low, but I am finished with it next weekend. I still have steri strips on my incision, but it seems to be healing well. Only 3 more weeks of the ted hose and Casey is ready. I think that is his least favorite part of taking care me:)

Tomorrow is the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia and we are going. Hopefully I do well. Everyone has been so great and we have had so many donations! I will post some pictures tomorrow:)

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