Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I didnt post this weekend because starting Friday I was really sore and did not get out of bed much until yesterday. So then you're probably thinking I had more time to post.  I just didnt feel like it. I was feeling down that I felt like I had gone backwards and I was hoping to get out of the house and go to my God sons bday party Saturday, but I just wasnt ready. I was disappointed that I wasn't progressing as I hope/expected. This was also the weekend that we were supposed to go to my cousin's wedding and then onto our vacation this week that we had to cancel.  I didnt let myself get too down, I just rested and knew that there would be a day soon that I felt i was moving forward. 

And luckily today is that day! PT came and I got some new exercises to help me forward to walking again (without help)-yay! I was hoping to be off crutches at 2 weeks after surgery but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. However I can put a lot of weight on my leg without pain sometimes so that's good news. I just need to continue my exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip.my physical therapist is always encouraging that I am doing well and to listen to my body when I need to rest or when I can get up and I have been doing that.

Today my friend Sherry brought her adorable little boy Cooper over along with pizza and we chatted and the boys played and it was really nice visit.

Yesterday I got some beautiful flowers from my aunt uncle and cousin in Florida and that really did brighten up my day since I had a rough weekend. 

 This weekend Brennan and I and some time together playing games and that included giant checkers

We have been thoroughly enjoying our window bird feeder. If you are thinking about getting one I highly recommend it. We got ours on Amazon and I think it was less than $15. 

I also got some very entertaining books in the mail from my friend Angie. i have read 2 already:) Thank you Angie!

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