Monday, May 20, 2013

Promise Walk

I know I said I would have pictures the day of the walk, but I didn't take my camera (let's face it, it's challenging enough getting around much less with my honkin' camera). Plus I don't really sit at my computer much and it is a huge pain to blog from my phone-excuses excuses. Anyway, I am finally here.  I don't have a picture of my whole team, although I have pictures from my whole team here. The photographer has a team picture, but I haven't gotten those yet. It was my 3rd time out and it went well. The worst part was the car because it's a 45 miniute to hour drive and sitting for a long time is no fun. I volunteered last year and wanted to again this yr but didn't really get to help with planning so I said I would do what I could at the walk. I manned the raffle ticket/merchandise table and it went well. I couldn't walk anyway so I am glad I was useful with something.

Me and my mom:)

My BFF's Amanda and Adam with their kids, Bella, Olivia, and Jack.

Brennan had a lot of fun playing with Bella and Olivia!

My friends Denise and Renee with my mom:)

I'm such a dope, I didn't get a family picture at the walk so I had one taken after we got home:)

I love this. We had a board last year to write on, but this year they had these sweet butterflies to decorate. Amanda and my mom made butterflies for Reese and Scotlyn♥

I was feeling bad that Brennan didn't have one on the survivors board (since I was working a lot of the time it was hard to get away), but Amanda made one for Brennan, Casey and I-thank you Amanda!

I raised the most money so I was crowned PROMise Queen:) I got a bag full of goodies including wine, Disney store gift Card, Beauty Salon Spa package and more. I couldn't have done it without my amazing friends and family who donated! Thank you so much to everyone who walked and donated!!

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