Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kitty friend

I wanted to post sooner, but I never get on my computer and it is so annoying to blog on my phone, but we picked this little dude up last weekend. Isn't he adorable! I love him soooo much! He is such a snuggler:) We still have Boots, but we wanted to kitten that we could socialize to be a cat that Brennan could pet...without getting scratched! 

He has been quite a bit of work. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for my recovery. I am getting along a lot better (still barely using a cane), but I can't bend over. Well I can, but I have to kick my leg back and it's just still a bit more work. Anyway, he is adjusting to our house and will eventually be outside with Boots. They have been mingling through the screen in our patio door so hopefully once they officially meet with no barrier there will be no surprises or fights:)

I guess his name is Bandit, Brennan has changed it though so we need to make it official soon.

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