Saturday, May 11, 2013

2 weeks

Yesterday was 2 weeks since my surgery. I remember PT saying 2 weeks I would notIice a turnaround. It really was sort of like magic. I started new exercises this week and have slowly noticing being able to walk more and sometimes even feeling better being up. My muscles aren't really sore anymore. They just get tired from walking, but sitting and laying has really been putting a lot of pressure on my incision. I got my staples out Thursday and now have steri strips. No daily dressing changes or waterproof dressings to shower. I do have line along where the edge of the tape was that took my skin with it. So far it seems to be healing ok. The PTA ordered me a cane and should be in later this week. I have been going good with one crutch so i am hoping to skip over it, but thought I better get it just in case. I cant remember if I mentioned this, but my right leg (surgery leg) feels longer than my left. I was a little worried in the beginning although I figured there was an explanation. The PT said my hips were not aligned before surgery because of the way I was walking/limping and they are in line now and the exercises will stretch everything back. Totally makes sense. Well, I was still not walking right after surgery to make up for the feeling of the length difference. Luckily the PTA noticed this week so I have really been concentrating keeping my feet in line like they should be. Its really like learning to walk again!

Casey found the do and don't instructions for other exercises-haha

Brennan had ALOT of fun stomping in puddles this week after all the rain we got recently:)

Bren 10 got a new Ben 10 toy! Mawmaw and Aunt Ally took him to get a prize.

My friend Amy came for a visit and she got us lunch and did my dishes and brought me this beautiful plant:)

Carter and Brennan had fun playing together!

My go go gadget arm has really come in handy. It pretty much helps pick up anything!

Brennan (and I) enjoy listening to Casey play guitar. Today was the first time he played in a long time, hopefully he will more often now:)

Today i ventured out for the first time since i have been home. We did a little shopping and returned some things. I had bought 2 new swim suits for our trip, but that was canceled and i dont see any swimming in the near future so i figured i would just look again closer to a time I might actually need them. Anyway, I did really good! Walking didnt even bother me too much other than crutches are so annoying and my muscles tired out at times. The worst part was the pressure on my Incision when i was sitting in the car. I feel like it wont be much longer before i am walking on my own, but i know i still have some strengthening to do. 

My family went to my cousins wedding in Mississippi and on to their beach vacay and she was sending me pics  So i sent her this-imagining i was on the beach:)

And this guy fell asleep in our bed tonight after we read stories, we get to snuggle:)


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  1. Thankful to hear you are making progress! And I totally LOL at the "other" exercise instructions, thanks, I needed a chuckle this morning. ;) Thinking of you today especially as I know what a bittersweet day Mother's day is in missing our little ones. You are a great mom to Brennan, Reese & Scotlyn! <3