Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good days and Bad days

My physical therapist that did my first home evaluation had both hips replaced so he knows how this recovery is. He has given me some good tips. He said two days ago that I would have good days and bad days. Since i came home my days have just gotten better and better. I was able to walk more, less pain, i showered yesterday-oh the luxuries:) until today-i havent slept well the last 2  nights. I was excited about learning to sleep on my side but when I actually turned to my side, I felt a lot of pressure on my hip and it wasnt comfortable. It is hard for me to get the pillows under my leg myself to elevate it because of my precautions and because I cant lift my leg very high yet. So once Casey has gone to sleep I feel bad waking him. Plus the fluid from the swelling is shifting so I have to go to the bathroom more. I started having bone pain in my thigh which feels achey. I am soooo nervous about an infection and I don't like that my pain was better and now changed. I am at more risk of infection so before I go to the dentist or have any invasive procedure  I have to take antibiotics. I have been nauseated or just no appetite in the mornings and evenings.So anyway today was not as good as the previous days I have been home. Im sure tomorrow will be better, I rested a lot today!

The home health nurse came and changed my dressing and drew my blood for my coumadin. The physical therapy assistant saw me this afternoon and reviewed my exercises and helped me with them. My sister came over to take care of me this morning. I was exhausted so I ended up napping after the nurse left and Ally played with Brennan. Right when I woke up PT was here. Then i had a nice visit from a coworker.  Mom brought me McAllisters-yum yum! I always get the same thing, chicken tortilla soup with a grilled chicken salad with chipolte peach dressing. 

Lately, when I have visitors I have a tough decision to make-do I wear my fashionable stockings or do I expose them to my unshaven legs??

Brennan has been obsessed with Ben 10. Its a little outrageous. Ben has a watch and he can turn into 10 different aliens. I didnt get a picture of this, but my mom helped him make a watch out of aluminum foil. It worked for a while and Brennan does not mind having toys like that, but it didnt quite hold up, despite our efforts to tape, glue, twist it back together. So last night, I made one from construction paper. Well, he wanted to sleep in it so I am sure you can guess how long that lasted. 

We taped It back together long enough to play this morning:)

So I decided maybe it was time to buy a real Ben 10 watch. We rarely buy toys unless its a birthday or holiday and had originally planned to get it for his birthday, but its 6 weeks away and he is SO into it right now and we havent really been doing much. Plus, he did have some money left on his gift card to TRU from Christmas. So my mom took him out today to get it and he was so excited!

Brennan has been getting so many goodies! My moms friend Roche got his this ocean sticker book. We have had so much fun reading about the ocean animals and matching the stickers throughout the book!

We have also been reading about our ant friends and making observations.

Some of my BFF's came over tonight to hang out. Always great to chat with my girls. Kate brought me this bag of goodies:) i have already gotten into it:)

And these adorable balloons from Jess!

I also got some get well cards and food gift cards from my aunties. 

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