Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoo Day

The weather has been so nice lately so Brennan and I took a trip to the zoo today.

I love the "butterfly house". It's so calm. peaceful. beautiful.

Brennan and I both love love love the penguins! We spent the most time in there. Everyone kept walking through and we just stayed and hung out:) Brennan thought it was hilarious when the penguins would splash around. One was doing a lot of "talking" and he thought that was pretty funny too. The puffins were putting on a show jumping in the water and Brennan loved that too.

When you walk out there is a little shop-of course they want you to buy something! Well, we usually don't buy souvenirs at the zoo so the first time we went through I said no to a stuffed penguin. Brennan decided he didn't want to ride the train because he wanted to eat his snack and you can't eat on the train and he decided he didn't want to ride the carousel because he wanted to go back to see the penguins. So when we went through the second time I let him get a penguin. He was so happy! Tonight he was reading books to him...penguin books:)

We learned that Brennan is just a little taller than a river otter:)

This is probably one of the first pictures Brennan has actually smiled for me in a very long time. He went on picture strike or something lately-I'm sure it has nothing to do with the thousands of pictures I have taken of him in his lifetime;)

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