Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tea Party:)

Brennan had a tea party at school today:) All the kids dressed to their best! I tried to get there early enough to get a picture of all of the kids together, but I was too late. They already had their coats on playing outside.

I did get a picture of their fancy dining area:)

Casey took Brennan to school today, he said she had a sign at the door that read "Please wait to be seated." They also had a menu to choose from that looked like a real menu. They learned about table manners and had a very good time!

I'm making Brennan a photo book for this school year and I'm thinking it will just be something I do every year. I take pictures of him with everything he makes, field trips, his outfits, etc. So far it is turning out really cute!

When Brennan came home I wanted to get picture of him with what he made in class today as well as in his fancy little outfit. Well, he was playing with June Bug so I got some pictures of the two of them playing:)

Sometimes June will let Brennan pet her, but usually she "hits" him. It's pretty funny and he actually thinks its funny too. Although the first time he did not-he came to us crying and said "Mommy, she hit me!"

Obviously it didn't hurt anything, except his feelings:)

He loves her so much and he loves to play with her and get goodnight kisses and hugs from her (this is her least favorite part of the day!) Today we were playing with her with a ball of paper. She reminds me so much of one of our kitties that ran away last summer. She carries the paper around in her mouth and plays fetch. Brennan had a whole piece of paper today that he balled up and she even picked that up...it was pretty funny as you can see!

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