Friday, February 18, 2011


We have received a lot of gifts that will be treasured forever in memory of Reese and Scotlyn.

These are two angel sun catchers that a friend at work gave me when I came back. They are so pretty and they represent my two angels.

This is an angel pin that I received after Scotlyn passed away from my friends Amanda and Alicia that I used to work with at Children's.

I wear this necklace almost every day. My friend Kate's mom, Ruth, got this for me. On the other side it has a set of footprints. It's one of my favorites.

This is my favorite bracelet. My mom gave this to me after I came home from the hospital. I cried and cried when I got this. The charm in the middle says "mom" and there are pink footprints on either side of the "Baby Girl" charms.

For Christmas my mom got me the letters "r" and "s" and the pink heart charms.

This necklace is a locket with a heart shaped piece with Reese and Scotlyns' names on it. The piece goes inside the locket. I received this from the nurse at St John's that took care of Reese on her last day. I was so overwhelmed that she was so thoughtful and had this made for me.

This is my "two peas in a pod" necklace that my friend Kate got for me after I found out I was having twins. I can only count on one hand the amount of times I did not wear this necklace while I was pregnant and in the hospital. I still wear it too:)

This is the sweetest noted that came with my necklace:)

I received these ornaments from my mother-in-law for my birthday.

These are wooden blocks from my friend Kate. They have their initial on one side, their stats, our names and Kate and her families names. They are sitting on our mantle above our fireplace.

This is a Willow Tree statue my mom's best friend, Donna, gave us the day of Reese and Scotlyns' service. It also sits on our mantle.

My dad and Renee got us this plaque with a beautiful saying on it. It is also on our mantle.

"Even The Smallest Of Feet Have The Power to Leave Everlasting Footprints Upon The World."
Scotlyn & Reese
Forever in Our Hearts
July 24, 2010

This baby in angel wings brings me a lot of peace now when I look at it. We received this from my friends Hope and Sherry. They actually both cared for Brennan when he was in the NICU and became good friends of mine. It sits on our hearth.

This is a stone garden piece that we received from the wonderful and thoughtful ladies I work with. We are planning to do some landscaping in front in the spring and this will be the perfect addition.

We received two of these angel ornaments before Christmas from St John's Mercy Heart Prints. They are so dainty and it was so heartwarming that thought of us through the holidays. Their program at the hospital is amazing and they offered us a lot of support at the hospital and even after we came home. It was an honor to make Reese and Scotlyn's Memorials to their program to help others during a difficult time like ours.

I had these ornaments made. I was so glad to have their pictures on our tree for Christmas this year.

This is the plaque that lies beneath the Magnolia Tree that was planted in memory of Reese and Scotlyn. My friends from our playgroup, Circle of Friends, graciously gifted this to us. I will post pictures of the tree in bloom in the spring:)

This is the Red Bud tree my very best girl friends had planted for us.

They also had this plaque made that we placed in front of the tree.

They chose this tree because it has heart shaped leaves:) This picture is from the day the plaque was set. We are missing my friend Jessica in this picture. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of friends. I can never overlook how amazing the sky looks in this picture. Every time I look at it I think of my girls looking down on us through the clouds:) I miss them so very much.

This a treasure to me. I took this picture on October 1st and it is two simple blooms from my Hibiscus. Immediately when I saw these two single blooms I thought of my girls.

We have a lot of items that don't have a place, including some things from the hospital and I think I'm going to make a shadow box to put those items in. I want to make a scrapbook too. I have so much "stuff" and I really just want my babies here with me more than anything. Sigh. I also think I may have a quilt made with some special blankets, outfits that I bought for them, and my favorite maternity tops that I wore with them. I thought one big quilt with everything so sentimental would be something nice to have. Although sometimes I'm afraid to do anything to them as one piece. Then I think what am I really doing with them separated-hopefully I find the right thing to do.

These are the items we have to treasure, but we also have the memories and so many feelings of support through everything. Also, the many generous donations to March of Dimes in memory of Scotlyn and donations to Mercy Heart Prints in memory of Reese and Scotlyn. We are so fortunate to have so many supportive people in our lives.

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