Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A few activities

These are activities from last week I wanted to share.

I found this game at a yard sale and Brennan really likes it. Each card has 1-8 words and however many words you read you get to move that many spaces. There are bingo chips that came with it, but Brennan was playing with his cars at the time so we just used real cars.

It was fun for him to drive around the "racetrack" and he didn't mind reading the words on the card because it was a game.

This is an angry birds game that Brennan got for his birthday. At first when he chose this to play, I was thinking "This isn't really educational, but I will let it slide and make sure the next one is.

I actually hadn't played it before, but you read the card and take the pieces shown on the card and build a fort for the pigs to sit on matching the one on the card. So it was good for following directions at least!

We had a lot of fun playing:)

June got a hold of one and Brennan thought it was pretty funny:)

Who knew a paper bat could be so entertaining (and encouraging!)

We did B's last week and I found this guy to be made into a puppet. Brennan colored him and we put him on a popsicle stick. His name is Billy the Bat:)

He encouraged Brennan to do his work and to do it well (and it worked!) Brennan STILL talks to his stuffed animals or any animal really. He has done this since I don't know when. Sometimes I wonder if he should be growing out of it, but last night he wanted to sleep with Billy Bat (after taking him in the car to The Aquarium yesterday) and he said "Isn't it silly that I want to sleep with a paper bat?" He just really relates to animals and things that are animals on a personal level-I can't really explain it. I don't really think it's abnormal, but sometimes I wonder if he should be growing out of this stage. I guess I don't help because I reply for the animal, but any time I try not to (believe me I don't love talking for animals all the time!) he says it over and over until the animal (I) responds:)

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  1. My oldest son loved stuffed animals and sleep with about 20 of them until he was eleven or twelve. At 14 there is still one that was his daddy teddy that sits on his bed:) Don't worry!:) By the way I think he is the best teenager in the whole world!