Friday, September 14, 2012

Needs Improvement

I worked overnight last night so I slept today for a bit today while our cousin Andrea came over to babysit (Brennan gets so excited when she is coming over!)

Yesterday, I was looking through a post on my BFF's blog, who is a kindergarten teacher, about this David project. So I printed all of the materials out yesterday and then came  home this morning to find out that Brennan read "David goes to School" to Casey last night. I thought today was the perfect day to make "David" PLUS it's "D" week:)

It seemed really fun, but it involved a lot of cutting (for Brennan anyway), which as you can see below is not one of Brennan's strong points!

David's hand is slightly mutilated.

We worked on this thing for an hour and half (ridiculous I know) and he
we both needed a break after. He gets to run around and let out some energy and I get to blog:)

 I knew his cutting was not the most stellar, but this was a good learning experience to show what we need to work on :)

Here is my boy with the finished product.

We aren't done yet, so off I go!

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